92 Progressive Exercises Op 60 Book 1 [cello]

92 Progressive Exercises Op 60 Book 1 [cello]


The studies by Friedrich August Kummer are perfect for music lessons, particularly because of their accompaniment of a second violoncello. They are characterized by a very systematic arrangement, cleverly introduce the circle of fifths and offer exercises atall levels of difficulty. The studies originally come from the appendix to Kummer's Celloschule für den ersten Unterricht Op. 60. In this new edition, they are for the first time published completely in two volumes as 92 progressive studies. The present edition is based on the first edition published in 1839 (Verlag Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig) and has essentially adopted the original fingerings and bowing indications. For better readability, the number of fingerings has been slightly reduced. Volume 1 (ED 22371) is intended for beginner and intermediate lessons. Volume 2 (ED 22372) focusses on the musical performance of the advanced pupil.Friedrich August Kummer (1797-1879) was a pupil of Friedrich Dotzauer and Bernhard Romberg and later trained famous cellists like Julius Goltermann or Bernhard Cossmann. Contents - 1st Position - Position Changes - String Crossing - Bow Exercises

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Publisher: Hal Leonard
Catalog: HL49045620
Composer: Friedrich August Kum
Voicing: Cello
Pages: 44

92 Progressive Exercises Op 60 Book 1 [cello]
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