Hungarian Dances Vol 1 FED-MA1 [1p4h]

Hungarian Dances Vol 1 FED-MA1 [1p4h]


Brahms brilliantly captured the spontaneity and passion of Hungarian gypsy music in his 21 Hungarian Dances. In this volume containing the first 10 dances, editors Carol Ann Bell and Digby Bell have scrutinized all available autograph manuscripts of the duet, solo and orchestral versions and compared them with the earliest printed editions to produce the most scholarly, critical body of these works available today. Performance notes, helpful fingering suggestions, ornament realizations, and a wealth of historical background are provided. Hungarian Dances Nos. 5, 6, and 8 are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Alfred
Catalog: AL20847
Composer: Brahms
Voicing: 1P4H
Level: MA1
Pages: 96

Hungarian Dances Vol 1 FED-MA1 [1p4h]
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