Keyboard by Ear

A Keyboard Class For Adults & Youth

Learn Major & Auxillary Chords * Learn Bouncing Bass * Learn Chord Inversions * Learn An Arpeggio * Learn How to Play From Lead Sheets & Fake Books * Learn About Writing Your Own Song & Much More!

Here is what students are saying about Keyboard by Ear:

"I'm absolutely amazed by the progress made in such a short amount of time. Now I have the tools I need to read and write music. The comradery of the class was truly inspirational and I felt motivated to try my best each week." Scott- Des Moines

"This class has helped me sit down and play beautiful music” (with actual sheet music) Sherry-Ankeny

"I am not a piano/keyboard person, but you made the lessons very easy to start playing songs. I enjoyed how quickly we progressed! For adults/kids that have had a burning to play piano, I think they will take off and continue to excel." Karen-Stuart

Taught by Nancy Tinnean, Certified Instructor
Cost: $200 + Fake Book ($20)

Sunday Afternoons (7 Lessons)
Classes Forming Now!
Level One and Two Starts July 28th

To Register, Contact Our Studio Coordinator:
André Paulson • 515-278-4685

Keyboard by Ear class held at:
Rieman Music Recital Hall
6501 Douglas Ave • Urbandale, Ia