Golden Aspens FED-E3 [Piano] Grill

Golden Aspens FED-E3 [Piano] Grill


Each year, thousands of people travel across the globe to see the beautiful autumn colors found in trees. Golden Aspens is a thoughtful and beautiful depiction of leaves fluttering in the crisp breeze. Students will need to utilize effective pedaling, phrasing, and dramatic dynamics to capture the image of leaves cascading down from above. Written in C major and 4/4 meter, a brief key change to E-flat major embodies the feeling of sunlight peeking through foliage. Now, students can visit Colorado's aspens from the comfort of their own piano bench! A Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Alfred
Catalog: AL00-41286
Composer: Joyce Grill
Voicing: PIANO
Level: E3
Pages: 4

Golden Aspens FED-E3 [Piano] Grill
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