Photography In Worship: The Art Of Iconic Imagery BOOK

Photography In Worship: The Art Of Iconic Imagery BOOK


The ability to take a photograph - to stop a moment in time - is a very powerful act in and of itself. When this skill is used in the creation of imagery in support of worship, or even as an act of worship, it can be truly breathtaking. A great photograph can make a point or elicit an emotion in ways nothing else can, but what makes a truly great photograph? It's not the camera! Ansel Adams said, The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. In other Cameras and technology have made incredible advances through the years, but the basic elements of photography haven't changed for over a century. Great cameras do not make great photographers any more than great guitars make great guitarists. You have to learn how to play! · What is good composition? · How much of the image do I want in focus? · Where do I place my subject? · How do I manipulate my image after I take it? This book will teach you the basics of photography through simple explanations and practical examples, and more important, how to see the image in advance, with special emphasis on creating imagery for use in worship.

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Publisher: Hal Leonard
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Photography In Worship: The Art Of Iconic Imagery BOOK
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